BioRead – AV6 Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner


The Biosero Deep Focus Single Rack Scanner Version 2 scans and decodes an SBS-rack of 2D datamatrix tubes in only 10 seconds. It can successfully read tubes set on the scanner bed, or up to several millimetres above it.

Specifications and Features

  • DataPaq™ software makes it simple to export to Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved.
  • The DataPaq™ Deep Focus Rack Scanner offers easy set-up, straight out of the box, with only a few minutes for configuration.
  • After a one-time automatic calibration , the scanner is ready to read Matrix, ABgene, Nunc, FluidX, REMP (including upper, locked position) 2D barcoded tubes and many other brands.
  • USB connection
  • Operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Dimensions (approx.): 130 x 50mm (HxD)
  • Free software upgrades for life
  • Our expertise and support come standard

Linear Rack Scanner

Typically a rack contains a linear barcode. The optional Linear Barcode Scanner will automatically scan the linear barcode on the side of the rack and enter this data into the output along with the 2D tube barcodes. The unique design of the linear scanner means that the it can be mounted onto the 2D scanner unit without any screws needed. Available at order time or to be user installed onto an existing 2D scanner; it’s easy to install and the installation of the software is simple.


The Biosero 2D barcode scanners are also available with a cryoprotective coating which prevents condensation build-up on the underside of the window. Condensation can prevent the scanner from reading the 2D barcodes properly. Therefore, if you will be regularly scanning tubes straight from the freezer, the cryoprotective proofing could be the solution for you. Our method for eliminating condensation uses a special coating on the scanner window, no extra electrical components are required. This increases reliability and significantly decreases the cost. Additionally, some manufacturers use fans to remove the condensation which could unnecessarily speed up the thaw-rate of the precious samples.

With and Without Cryoprotection

Left: WITH Cryoprotection | Right: WITHOUT Cryoportection



BioRead Deep Focus Data Sheet_Final_10Jan18

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