Transfer Track – Liquid Transfer Mapping Software


Liquid Transfer Mapping Software

Transfer Track is a powerful, easy to use graphical software package for creating and managing liquid transfer maps. Specially designed for use with the EDC Biosystems ATS acoustic transfer system, Transfer Track allows you to quickly design, create, and run maps in an intuitive and user friendly way.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy-to-use wizards guide you through plate replication, cherry picking, and serial dilutions
  • Color coding and multiple view modes allow for various plate views showing volume, concentration, sample ID, volume heat map*, or transfer error.
  • Editor allows cut/copy/paste of transfers and undo/redo features
  • Can be setup to use any size plate, including, large matrix arrays (processor, RAM, and graphics card dependent)
  • Transfer Track can easily be extended to add features specific to individual users needs (custom tools, wizards, patterns, instrument drivers, and LIMS integration
  • Scripting engine allows user to write and run C# and VB.NET scripts to interact with plates and transfers, or integrate with LIMS systems




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