Newsletter Issue: 1

August 2016

Welcome to Solutions, a quarterly newsletter from Biosero, Inc.  This issue features the following:

  • Application Spotlight: Combinatorial screening of FDA Approved Drugs to Identify Novel Cancer Therapies
  • Customer Spotlight: New High Throughput Screening Facility to Screen Human Pathogens Coming On-Line at UC San Diego
  • Product Highlight: Are There Barcodes Your Scanner Can’t Read?
  • Biosero News
  • Upcoming Events
  • From the CEO

Biosero News

San Diego Tech Forum a Great Success

June’s Tech Forum in San Diego was attended by over 60 people.  The agenda featured presentations from Phenovista Biosciences, LLC., Precise Automation, Inc., Tekmatic, Inc. and Biosero.  The highlight of the meeting was Donald Chow’s presentation on how the acoustic energy of the EDC Biosystems, Inc. ATS Acoustic Liquid Dispenser can be controlled to accurately transfer nanoliters of liquid for a variety of applications.

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Biosero Ships Their First WorkCell to China

Working with Molecular Devices, LLC.,  Biosero shipped a WorkCell to Shanghai, China in June.  The WorkCell is an automated colony picking system controlled by Green Button Go laboratory automation software.  Designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, Green Button Go is easily tailored for your application and preferred equipment to automate simple to complex workflows enabling you to do more with your limited resources.  It is Biosero’s first integrated platform delivered to China.


Application Spotlight

Combinatorial Screening of FDA Approved Drugs to Identify Novel Cancer Therapies

Notable Labs is a Point of Care therapeutic startup company based in San Francisco, CA. Their Biosero WorkCell screens compound combinations to determine the best course of chemotherapy for each individual based on drug interactions using the patient’s own tumor cells. Learn more about their strategy and implementation of the screening WorkCell by viewing a recent poster presented at our San Diego Tech Forum.

Learn more about their strategy and implementation of the screening WorkCell by viewing our joint poster, “Fully Automated Process for High-Throughput Screening of Primary Cancer Patient Cells.”

Customer Spotlight

New High Throughput Screening Facility to Screen Human Pathogens Coming On-Line at UC San Diego

Biosero collaborated with Screening Facility directors, Dr. Stephan Meister and Dr. Jair Lage de Siqueira-Neto to set up a Biosafety Level II facility capable of screening parasites in innovative image based assays. To date, the facility has been running primarily parasitic screens for the McKerrow and Winzeler Labs, but soon will be available to other researchers in the UC San Diego scientific community.  To develop a multi-user friendly environment they collaborated with Biosero to create a WorkCell that has an EDC Biosystems Inc., ATS acoustic dispenser, a Beckman Coulter, Inc., BioMek FXP , Precise Automation Inc., PreciseFlex 400 robotic arm, Kbiosystems, Ltd. and Brooks Automation, Inc. plate sealing/de-sealing systems, Molecular Devices, LLC. ImageXpress® Micro Imaging System, several other luminescence and fluorescence based phenotypic screening instruments for parasitic assays and complete system control provided by Biosero’s Green Button Go laboratory automation scheduling software.  It was important that the automation and scheduling software selected be intuitive, easy-to-use, and flexible to allow investigators interested in using the WorkCell for their research to be trained to operate the system independently from the support staff and to accommodate the centers evolving needs. The WorkCell can be operated with a large variety of plate formats (6 to 1536 well plates) to accommodate many assays, and importantly, the laboratory’s Bio Safety Level II rating permits use of a number of human pathogens on mammalian cells. Recently KPBS ran a news segment featuring Dr. Siqueira-Neto and the facility’s screening effort to identify compounds with therapeutic potential against the Zika virus and crowd sourced bioinformatics strategies used to interpret the data.


Image 1 - Workcell at UCSDedited

UCSD Center for Discovery and Innovation in Parasitic Disease high throughput screening WorkCell


Image 2 - Image Analysis

Series of images from an assay showing raw images (blue and red and blue/red overlay) and image analysis of the Trypanosoma cruzi parasitic infection of cells

Images provided by Dr. Sandro Montefusco

Product Highlight

2D Barcode Scanning

Are There Barcodes Your Scanner Can’t Read?

Biosero’s Bioread scanners with Datapaq software can read and decode barcodes that other scanners can’t. If you use barcoded tubes from Matrix, Abgene, Nunc, FluidX, Micronic or any other manufacturer, Bioread barcode scanners easily integrate into your workflow and are compatible with the tubes you use today or plan to use in the future. By using an algorithm specifically designed to read tubes, versus a generic off-the-shelf algorithm, our Datapaq software does a superior job of reading barcodes that other scanners can’t. Datapaq software also,

  • Integrates with all major databases to streamline your workflow
  • Exports data as Microsoft® Excel®, XML or text file for documentation
  • Allows the user to view tube images to confirm questionable barcode data
  • Can add barcode data directly to your application using Keyboard Wedge Mode
  • Runs on a Microsoft Windows® based Personal Computer

Whether you need to scan individual tubes, racks or multiple racks simultaneously, there’s a Bioread barcode reader for your application.  From fast camera based readers that image and decode racks in ~1 sec to a handheld reader capable of operating in locations where no network connection is available, Bioread barcode readers are easy to set-up, robust and compatible with all manufacturers barcoded tubes. For more information about Biosero’s Bioread barcode readers, contact your local Biosero representative or email us at

Choose Your Perfect 2D Barcode Scanner

Biosero Events

September 9th: 17th Annual BioResearch Product Faire™

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin

From the CEO

Tom GilmanHello, and thank-you for reading our first quarterly customer newsletter. We are excited to bring you a snapshot of what is going on at Biosero and update you on news and events – 2016 has been a very exciting year at Biosero. As an organization we are growing rapidly and focused on building our product portfolio to improve your integration experience. We have created a dedicated Integrated Solutions Team and an Applications Support Team to enhance customer collaboration and get the most out of your technology investment. Green Button Go automation scheduling software is rapidly becoming an industry standard for integrated WorkCells and our software team is dedicated to the continual development and enhancement of the platform.  Thank you for your support of Biosero and I hope to see you at one of our user events!