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Whether you have an existing workflow, or a vision for a new one, you can automate it!

Green Button Go Software Suite

Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software is a device-agnostic software platform that integrates your key equipment into a cohesive automation ecosystem that runs 24/7.

Pharmaceutical laboratories, research organizations and manufacturing operations are all under pressure to execute quickly and improve quality with fewer human resources. Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software increases throughput, maximizes equipment capacity and saves time. Scale the repeatability of critical tasks, all while capturing data essential for real-time decision-making.

Automation Integrations

Life Science Automation
Industrial Automation

Automation Success Stories

Transon Nguyen

"Green Button Go's tremendous flexibility and extensibility allows us to build any automated process we can dream of. Great for power users and beginners alike."

Transon Nguyen
Founding Engineer and Head of Laboratory Automation
Notable Labs
Transon Nguyen
Chris Scholl

“Working with Green Button Go, we have reduced the time it takes to prepare our samples by 94%. Whatever automation task we need for our lab, I can get it done with Green Button Go software.”

Chris Scholl
Director, Automation and Robotics
Cannalysis Labs
Chris Scholl
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