Industrial Automation

Industrial GBG Automation Scheduling Software

Industrial Green Button GoTM  Automation Scheduling software is designed to simplify the automation process and assist the user in developing integrated
industrial workflow with a competitive edge.


With Industrial Green Button Go (Industrial GBG) you can design your own industrial process methods, simulate the process, test against environmental specifications, and introduce any automation process into your optimized workflow.

We designed Industrial GBG to be easy to use and intuitive for all users (not just engineers). A simple Drag and Drop user interface supports your needs and allows your creativity to come to life. Industrial GBG allows one click simulation and enables rapid process optimization before going live with instruments and system components.

For more advanced users, Industrial GBG software has the capabilities for inputting parameters, error logging, as well as setting external notifications in condition-based logic, to make your systems more powerful, yet easier to navigate and facilitate rapid method changes.

Use the proven capabilities of existing Green Button Go (GBG) with added Industrial power to reduce development times on your Dynamic Automation projects.

Use case example:
Our mobile robot Yoda, is comprised of three different parts manufactured by three different manufacturers, including an Omron mobile robot, a Precise PF400, and Cognex 2D visions system. Our (Hardware Agnostic) Industrial GBG software seamlessly communicates with all three components on one platform for a cohesive, easy and yet dynamically changeable operation that fits user criteria. Yoda at work!

Industrial Green Button Go Features:

  • A declarative design model that drastically reduces setup time: set up methods with just a few drag and drop commands
  • Easy pooling of equipment
  • Fully interleaved processes – a set of instruments can be shared by multiple methods running simultaneously
  • Deadlock prevention engine
  • File processing: Built in drag and drop commands for handling file processing and work-list loops (including Excel file support)
  • Create custom user input screens
  • Scripting engine: C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, Python
  • Archive & restore points
  • Export workflows as images for easy documentation
  • Conditional procedures (if, else, statements)

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