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Who We Are

Biosero develops software that enables people and technology to make complex decisions in less time, using more data and information.  At Biosero, accomplished team members from multiple technology sectors collaborate to create the best integrated solutions, while remaining agnostic to specific device manufacturers. This provides our Customers with future-proof platforms that use best-in-class components in an environment where technology is constantly evolving.

Biosero is also an integrations provider.  Driven by hardware-agnostic Green Button Go software, Biosero can streamline processes by integrating tasks into an automated workcell solution.


To provide software that enables everyone to use automation successfully and with ease. We believe the integration of automation software with advanced analytics will produce superior results in an evolving world. 


Impact the World by Integrating People and Automation Technologies

This is what we offer


Our line-up of benchtop automation includes automated plate sealers, plate piercers, multi-channel evaporators, multi-channel pipettors, 2D barcoded tube scanners, label applicators, and tube capper/decappers.

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Using Green Button Go, Biosero’s scheduling software platform, scientists can easily communicate with third party equipment to automate simple tasks or create advanced workcells to perform entire protocols.

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There are two kinds of software users: those who prefer total control of their software through powerful scripting engines, and those who want access to the same capabilities through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. We believe in providing both experiences in each of our software platforms.

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You might have an application in need of automation, but there are currently no solutions available. Consult with our development engineers about a custom automation option and let them work their magic.

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We have a range of service options including yearly full service contracts. Because we have local service engineers wherever we have customers, you will always be able to get the help you need. If you need assistance, feel free to send in service request or contact our tech support.

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Management Team

Tom Gilman - CEO

Tom Gilman


Tom Gilman is the founder of Biosero and offers more than twenty-five years of experience in sales, marketing, customer service and technical support for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Experience includes involvement in global account management at Beckman Instruments as well as product assembly and application support for several companies including IGEN Inc., Hudson Control Group, and Apricot Designs.

Andrea Salazar - Director of Operations

Andrea Salazar

Director of Operations

Before joining Biosero, Andrea spent 10 years managing and negotiating contracts for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. As our Director of Operations she creates and maintains a seamless, experience between us, our customers and our business partners.

Tony Morand - CFO

Tony Morand


Tony received his BS in Accounting from Loyola Marymount University. Prior to joining Biosero, he spent 10 years working in Public Accounting and another 10 years of working as a Controller.

David Dambman

David Dambman

Director of Engineering

David is a lifelong engineer and programmer. He is our head of software and hardware development. His eclectic work experiences include Data Analysis and Electronic Warfare Projects for the Air Force, and the Manufacturing and Design of Guitar Effects Pedals for Smart People Factory — for which he was a co-founder.