Biosero Acceleration Lab

Experience the Most-Advanced Automation Technology at Biosero

Total lab automation is live now at the Biosero Acceleration Lab. Located at Biosero’s San Diego headquarters, the lab showcases AI, machine learning, robotics, voice command and real-time data to show the flexibility and advantages of automated lab management.

Biosero Acceleration LabBiosero Acceleration Lab

The Biosero team welcomes customers, scientists, researchers and engineers to the lab to see innovations including a mobile robot and facial recognition in person. The lab also serves as a research and development space where Biosero application scientists, software developers and automation engineers come together to create the software solutions of the future.

Right before your eyes, Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software operates a wide range of processes and applications to bring advanced concepts to life in a real-world setting.

Green Button Go device-agnostic software commands every instrument in the lab. From the mobile robot to the robotic arms, to a plate reader, the Acceleration Lab demonstrates true lab automation live at work integrating manual tasks, data collection and output.


  • A OMRON LD90 mobile robot welcomes you and grants you access to the Acceleration Lab. It also supports multi-path transportation within the lab via track-based robotic transport
  • Robotic arms from Precise Automation, Denso and UFactory provide intelligent conveyance between workcells and devices

Facial and Voice Recognition

  • Gain access to the lab with facial recognition technology for enhanced safety and security
  • Initiate most lab functions with voice commands driven by Amazon’s Alexa

Streaming Data

  • Green Button Go software captures and live-streams data

Machine Learning and IoT

  • Sensors throughout the lab control environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, ambient light, motion detection and video surveillance

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) provided by Real World One supports product demonstrations, training programs, workflow assistance and management

Lab Equipment and Instrumentation

  • OMRON LD90 mobile robot
  • Precise Automation PF400 robotic arms
  • Vial Capping and Uncapping workstation
  • Agilent Quanteon Flow Cytometer
  • Thermo Kingfisher Nucleic Acid Purification system
  • Realworld One Virtual and augmented reality system

Acoustic Dispensing Workcell

  • ATS5 Acoustic Dispenser
  • Agilent Plateloc
  • Redd & Whyte Preddator Liquid Handler
  • Precise Automation PF400 robotic arms

Industrial Workcell

  • 3D Printer
  • Denso robotic arm

High Throughput Screening Workcell

  • Molecular Devices ImageXpress Confocal Imager
  • Rorze Scale 120 Incubator
  • PHERAstar FSX
  • Precise Automation PF400 robotic arms
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