Industrial Automation

Schedule Processes to Increase Throughput and Profitability

Industrial Automation Diagram

Industrial operations face narrow margins and a labor shortage. Automation is the only thing that can help control costs and fill the gap until technical training catches up with labor demands. Yet automation in the industrial setting can be expensive, large projects dominated by OEM-driven systems.

Break free of operating within the confines one manufacturer’s environment and automate devices across the floor with Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software. Device-agnostic Green Button Go software can help you put automation to work on day one of install.

Integrate equipment from any manufacturer and design how you want it to work step-by-step using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Now you’re in charge of how to source your equipment and, Green Button Go can be in charge of scheduling it.

The software automates and integrates all kinds of industrial equipment ranging from mobile and stationary robots, collaborative robots and arms, 3D printers and machinery. Increase throughput by running repeatable tasks between devices more quickly. Using nimble device drivers that work with the software, Green Button Go can schedule and run processes 24 hours a day.

Green Button Go software collects operational data and provides dashboard views you can use to uphold zero-defect production strategies. Software notifications inform operators if a system needs attention, and error handling can be programmed into the workflows to keep operations robust and running around the clock.

Industrial Automation Diagram

Key Benefits:

  • Increase profitability by predicting and filling capacity with output
  • Turnkey: Connect and automate system elements without custom software
  • Operate 24/7 with or without personal as the software commands repeatable tasks
  • Delegate work in hazardous environments to machines instead of people
  • Design and change workflows quickly to streamline changeovers
  • Increase walk away time as automated workflows advance your process step-by-step
  • Uphold traceability for documentation and certification

Use Green Button Go to:

  • Collect data for use in AI and Machine Learning
  • Integrate IoT-connected devices
  • Capture data about throughout and performance
  • Schedule run times
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