Automating Your Vision

You have a vision - a vision of how your organization can accelerate its research with automation. Automate a manual process. Upgrade an existing workflow. Add new software or hardware. Biosero can help you do it all and make your concept a reality - now.

It starts with science. Biosero’s experienced team of application scientists, software, hardware and design engineers work collaboratively with your team to understand the scientific workflow you seek to automate. Our team asks you the right questions to determine the steps essential to meet your scientific process. Then we design a custom automation integration to achieve it – every time.

Automating Your VisionAutomating Your Vision

At the heart of every custom integration Biosero builds, is the dynamic Green Button Go software suite. This robust automation scheduling software and its accompanying plug-ins control and automate the instrumentation in the workcell no matter how big the integration.

The device-agnostic Green Button Go software suite integrates all the equipment in the workcell, no matter what manufacturer made them. You can choose the best-in-class instruments for your discovery, knowing Green Button Go will integrate it into a cohesive ecosystem right in your lab. That also means you can refresh and update workcells you already have instead of starting over, minimizing the impact of capital costs.

Biosero validates the quality and effectiveness of every custom integration according to its propriety testing process. This rigorous process ensures every aspect of the custom integration is successful. Every workcell built at Biosero is fully validated before it ships. Testing can also take place at the site where the workcell is installed.

Optimize Workflow

  • Simulate workflows and initiate time studies via the Green Button Go software to ensure it will meet your time and throughput goals for processing
  • Design robotic automation and human-powered processes to work together
  • Determine methods to bridge manual processes to automated ones
  • Identify whether your workflow needs more, or less, equipment to be successful
  • Pinpoint and address bottlenecks
  • Overcome hurdles connecting physical equipment
  • Connect software to work together

Physical Assembly

  • Procure and test instrumentation and equipment
  • Suggest automation-friendly equipment and instruments for brand new builds
  • Assemble all the physical elements of the workcell – tables, equipment, hardware and electrical communications
  • Provide custom-engineered solutions

Validation & Testing

  • Authenticate needs and confirm all necessary drivers are loaded
  • Run the processes to ensure the automated protocols are met
  • Pre-configure Green Button Go with your specific methodologies
  • Confirm all instrumentation is functional and working
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