Green Button Go Partner Program

Your Instrumentation + a Biosero Bundle = Plug-and-Play Automation

Green Button Go Partner ProgramGreen Button Go Partner Program

You provide premium instrumentation to your customers, designing and engineering the best devices and equipment, each the best of its class. Our expertise is making them work in concert with complementary tools at their full capability to accelerate workflows. Together, we can help your customers create automated ecosystems on day one of install.

Cutting-edge technology deserves top-of-the-line automation software. Your customers seek sophisticated instrumentation but require robust, simple-to-use automation. Scientists often need walk-away automation but don’t know where or how to start building an automation platform. With Green Button Go working seamlessly with your equipment, it starts the day they install your equipment and can grow with their needs.

Since Green Button Go is device-agnostic, you can connect any of your high-performance devices to any other equipment, without the cost of customized software. Partnering with you, Biosero handles everything from driver development, to implementation, to service, support and training.

We validate Green Button Go software on your instrumentation, ensuring it will automate and integrate with other common devices. Tested as a bundled combination with your instrument, a robot and sample, storage, you can be confident that your customers will experience a turnkey automation solution out of the box.

Turnkey Automation Partners

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