Custom Workcells


Integrated Automation

Flexibility in Design

We believe that your automation workstation should be physically accessible, compact and efficient. That's why our workstations are designed to optimize space and minimize distance with removable locking carts, sliding baseplates, vertical layouts and rotating table tops. Access and service your equipment without affecting the integrity of your workflow.

Future Proof

Modify, Upgrade & Service

You will eventually want to swap out your instrumentation for new or different devices. You will also want to easily service your equipment. With our powerful scheduling software and easily accessible table tops, you can feel free to swap out your automation without worrying about wasted downtime.

‘From start to finish Biosero has been a joy to work with.  They were able to deliver exactly what we needed as a company, a fully automated workcell with incredible flexibility that is able to grow and change quickly as our needs and projects change in the future.’

Brian Kinley, Lab Automation Specialist and Research Scientist, Pfenex


HTS, Drug Discovery, Compound Management

Large scale automation platform for multiple applications. This workcell integrates two Liconic Incubators, two Redd and Whyte Predators, a TTP Labtech Mosquito, an Agilent Bravo liquid handler, a Brooks Nexus X-Peel, a BMG Pherastar plate reader, a plate sealer, a Biotek EL 405 and an extended height/reach Precise arm on a 2 meter rail.

Automated 72 Hour Dose Response Assay

This workcell integrates a TPS multi-channel pipettor for serial dilution, plate replication, and drug addition to the cell assay plates; an EL-406 for plate washing and reagent addition; an Envision multimode plate reader; a barcode scanner; a Liconic incubator; removable plate hotels; and a Precise Flex PF – 450 arm for moving plates.

Automated Acoustic Plate Reformatting WorkCell

Easily access the devices in your integration with rotating table tops, removable carts, and sliding base-plates. This laboratory workcell integrates two ATS acoustic dispensers, a Precise arm with a rotating carousel, a WASP microplate sealer, a GECKO barcode printer and label applicator, and a Spectra MAX PLUS.

Integrated Devices:

  • ATS — Acoustic Dispenser
  • WASP — Thermal Microplate Sealer
  • Personal Pipettor — Multi-channel Pipettor
  • GECKO – Barcode Printer & Applicator
  • KiNEDx Arm and Stacks

Automated Reagent Kit Manufacturing WorkCell

This workcell integrates a high throughput bulk dispenser, a thermal microplate sealer, a GECKO™ barcode label printer/applicator, and a KiNEDx™ robotic arm with a plate carousel. Labels were designed using Ready Label™, our easy-to-use label design software for interfacing with automated labellers. The entire workcell was scheduled using GreenButtonGo™, our automation scheduling software.

Bulk Dispensing Workcell

This workcell integrates a Medusa liquid handler using 96 individual reagent dispensing channels with an automated plate stacker.

Plate Stacking and Sealing

Integrate our Scorpion Plate Stacker with any of our automated thermal or pressure microplate sealers and walk away as the small scale workcell automatically retrieves, seals, and re-stacks your microplates.


Green Button Go

Scheduling Software

With Green Button Go, Scientists can easily communicate with third party equipment to automate simple tasks or create advanced workcells to perform entire protocols. A simplified drag and drop interface is the portal to more advanced scheduling and operating features such as error logging, external notifications and input parameter screen development.

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