Green Button Go – Automation Scheduling Software

Laboratory Automation Scheduling Software

Laboratory Automation Scheduling Software

Green Button GoTM 2019 is Biosero’s scheduling software for integrated laboratory workcells. Designed to be easy and intuitive for users, it can control simple to complex workstations using the most advanced software technology available. The simplified drag and drop user interface is the portal to more advanced scheduling and operating features, such as input parameter screen development, error logging and external notification. Workcell programming is more convenient using the drag and drop instrument/device control commands accessible from the scheduling main screen.

GBG Run Features:

  • Real Time feedback at a glance: Live Gantt Chart of plates and color-coded graphic of integration
  • Significantly expedited error recovery
  • Mobile error notifications
  • Ability to resume a run even after an unexpected computer shutdown
  • Multiple user and administrator accounts
  • Simulations: Test your workcell, without instruments, before running real time
  • Time and wait functionality to simplify assays with complicated requirements
  • Mobile error notifications
  • Runtime access of workflows: Pause, edit, backtrack, continue
  • Easy offline use of equipment

Green Button Go Design Features:

  • A declarative design model that drastically reduces setup time: set up methods with just a few drag and drop commands
  • Easy pooling of equipment
  • Fully interleaved processes – a set of instruments can be shared by multiple methods running simultaneously
  • Deadlock prevention engine
  • File processing: Built-in drag and drop commands for handling file processing and work-list loops (including Excel file support)
  • Interface designer for creating custom user input screens
  • Scripting engine: C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript
  • Archive & restore points
  • Export workflows as images for easy documentation
  • Conditional procedures (if, else, statements)
  • Time and wait functionality to simplify assays with complicated requirements

Available Plug-ins

  • GBG Batch Planner 
    • GBG Batch PlannerTM is a calendar-based plug-in for Green Button GoTM Automation Scheduling Software that eliminates bottlenecks in the lab and increases the use of your high-value lab equipment.  Using the GBG Batch Planner, multiple users can plan time-course experiments, schedule plate batches on readers, imagers and flow cytometers.
    • The GBG Batch PlannerTM allows customization by multiple users and builds a calendar that maps the availability of the workcell so that anyone in the lab can access to schedule their runs. The result? High-priced equipment no longer sits idle overnight and scientists don’t waste time returning to the equipment repeatedly to check its availability.



Green Button GoTM Datasheet

GBG Batch PlannerTM  Datasheet 

Application Notes

A High Throughput Screening System to Identify Actionable Treatments for Cancer Patients

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