Green Button Go Training

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Become an Expert in Lab Automation
Scheduling Software Green Button Go (GBG)

Elevate your Green Button Go (GBG) Automation Scheduling Software skills to the next level.  Introducing Advanced GBG Training and GBG Developer Training courses to build up your GBG expertise.  Courses are taught by GBG developers and are held at Biosero’s office in San Diego.  Course description and upcoming schedule are,

  • Oct 3-5, 2017: Advanced GBG Training: learn to install and set up GBG, execute layout changes, add new instruments, create methods, advanced usage scenarios and basic scripting.  After completing this course you will be able to develop, maintain, and troubleshoot GBG.


  • Oct 10-12, 2017: GBG Developer Training:  Learn to develop instrument drivers, plugins, and advance scripting techniques.  After completing this course, you will be able to develop and maintain drivers, plugins and customize the capability of GBG for your applications.

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