Biosero Plate Storage

Enhancing Collaboration in the Lab

Collaboration in the lab is more dynamic than ever as robotics and automated guided vehicles expand lab operations to a 24/7 run model. To ensure that innovations help, not hinder, lab performance, Biosero has designed plate storage to support synergy between humans and technology.

Biosero has tested its sturdy plate storage to cooperate smoothly with a wide range of robotic arms in the lab. Each stack and hotel has features that support repeated positioning between robots and plate shelves. Grippers can clasp low on the plate skirt and also capture low-profile plates, which isn’t possible with dated storage equipment.

The fixed hotels and stacks are easy for lab technicians to work with and move, with thoughtful details like a convenient thumb slot on the plate nest. Made of lightweight materials, the storage units are easy to lift and move.

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Key Benefits:

Robot and People Friendly

  • Each stack has a back loading door that latches
  • Removable hotel shelves accommodate labware of different heights
  • Thumb slot on every plate nest
  • Adaptable to ambient or temperature-controlled environments


  • Plates
  • Microplates
  • Deep-well plates
  • Tube racks
  • ANSI/SLAS plate size standard


  • Aluminum shelves don’t chip or crack
  • Anodized coating resists corrosion
  • Sturdy yet lightweight


Biosero Plate Storage


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