Integrated Devices


.  .  .  .  .  .  .Robotic Arms

Microplate Stacks and Carousel Storage

Store your plates in a rotating carousel with lids, high capacity plate stacks and random access hotels easily reconfigurable.


 .  .  .  .Centrifuge

Integrate a high-speed centrifuge in a small, quiet and low-maintenance package.

Plate Reader

HTS multilabel plate reader that is expandable with increases in throughput and application requirements.

Plate Washer

Deep well microplate washer for aspirating and dispensing into 96- and 384-well plates. Robot compatible with independent filling and evacuation control.


Bulk Reagent Dispenser

An economical choice for microplate diospensing, the MicroFillTM  offers precise and accurate dispensing without need for recalibration or heavy maintenance.

Plate Labeller

The Gecko Microplate Labeler is developed for the printing and application of labels to microplates. The Gecko is capable of applying labels to any of the four faces of the microplate. and portrait format and can handle most Micro Well Plates, including PCR, Deepwell and Tube-racks.