Laboratory Automation

Endless Lab Automation Configurations

Whether your workflow is simple or complex, automating it couldn’t be any easier.  Biosero has over 15 years experience integrating life science instrumentation and has a track record of rapidly designing high quality automated systems that work the way our customer do. Our workcells are flexible, customizable, and able to evolve as your needs change as our hardware is agnostic so the best device for the project can be integrated into our network of partners that provide state of the art devices with application and instrument support.

Standard Workcells

We have a variety of standard workcells to automated common laboratory workflows. Examples are assay ready plate preparation, microplane loading/unloading from instruments (e.g., microplane readers, PCR systems, etc), plate labeling and other common laboratory bottlenecks.  Additional capability can be easily added to these workcells as your needs grow.

Custom Workcells

Whatever your workflow challenges, Biosero can develop a robust custom automated solution for you.  By using Green Button Go Automation Scheduling as a foundation, our workcells are flexible and customizable.  Our integrated hardware approach ensures our workcells incorporate the best devices to meet your needs.

Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software

Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software for integrating laboratory workflows.  The software is designed to be simple and intuitive to use.  It features superior usability, error recovery, and has a large portfolio of peripheral device drivers to accommodate a wide range of instrumentation.

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