About Biosero

About Biosero
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An Interview with Tom Gilman, President and CEO of Biosero LLC:  

Why do people come to BioSero for automation help?

I believe there are several reasons with the most prevalent being that Biosero provides local support. A rapid response is critical for customers in our industry. Our engineers are factory trained and certified by each consortium member to the extent that they are the equivalent of an engineer from that manufacturer. Each of our 5 offices are scaled to a level of support for their region with a minimum of 1 sales manager and 1 service manager. It’s also convenient for our customers to have a single source for their instrumentation & supplies. Also, speaking as an integrator, customers have requested support for their integrated platforms from a single source which is a benefit of being in a consortium with diverse products.

How have you been able to attract such large companies such as Pfizer, Merck, Novartis etc?

Large Pharma is an anomaly when it comes to instrumentation. They are very cutting edge with respect to technology which means that they are usually partnering with companies to receive the first systems in development. However, these companies also expect a high performance level from instruments and software.  You can only do this with a local, knowledgeable support network and immediate access to the product development team. In addition, most companies take a global perspective of system implementation versus a regional or national approach. BioSero and our consortium members have support locations throughout the world that provide customers with the ability to rapidly employ a technology using a local support network.

Where do you see BioSero growing in the years to come?

Introducing new technologies and establishing ourselves as a leader in service/ technical support.  BioSero is expanding into the development & production of several products that compliment our consortium member’s products. We are also working with our consortium members to help them introduce new products in areas where they have already established their technical prowess. BioSero will also expand in our technical support capacity in specific areas which has probably been the single largest component in our success to date.

How is that Biosero continued to grow during the recent lean years?

The consortium members comprise an excellent team. Our vision is that customers are always first and the people at BioSero share and embrace that vision. This has been our formula for success to date.

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