Automate 2019 – Green Button Go in the Industrial Market

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Automate 2019 marked the introduction of Biosero’s Green Button GoTM Industrial Automation Scheduling Software (GBG Industrial). Automate is the most advanced gathering of the newest technologies for the purpose of showcasing state of the art solutions for industrial offerings on a biannual basis. This year’s event was the largest and most impressive to date with approximately 22,000 attendees and 450 exhibitors. The emphasis during the show was on enabling and expanding automation’s presence on the plant floor or warehouse.

What is GBG Industrial?

GBG Industrial is a hardware agnostic software capable of communication with any system. Simply by

utilizing API communications with customized drivers, the user can control multiple devices, machines, and components on one platform with a dynamic schedule modification approach. Green Button Go Industrial can work with simple systems such as on/off or I/O to complex PLC configurations using an intuitive, easy-to-use, drag and drop approach. With tools such as a simulation window and teach pendants, you can implement and improve system functionality. For more advanced users, GBG Industrial can provide input parameter screen development, error logging, and external notifications. Green Button Go Industrial is a great tool for rapidly designing and dynamically changing existing systems.

Green Button Go is Solving Staffing Challenges

After talking with multiple individuals, we learned that there is a great need for talent in the industrial sector. When asked, “What is your biggest challenge?” as part of our questionnaire, many responses emphasized the shortage of expertise at all levels and especially Process and Control Engineers. There is a need for integrations to simplify and speed up development processes within their environments. Because of GBG’s simple and easy-to-use integration capabilities, our software can help with staffing difficulties. We want to work with companies to find the solution that works for them. Green Button Go is the right solutions provider, technology, and expertise for your automation needs.

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