Biosero Hosts Congressman Scott Peter’s at San Diego Headquarters

Biosero Hosts Congressman Scott Peter’s at San Diego Headquarters
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San Diego, CA -5/31/2018-

Biosero, a premiere developer of software to automate laboratory workflows, announced today a recent visit to their San Diego headquarters by Congressman Scott Peters. His visit was in celebration of federal support of small business expansions in the congressman’s district (CA- 52), and included a tour of Biosero’s new San Diego facility.

Operating as a self-funded organization since its inception in 2003, Biosero worked with local loan representatives at CDC Small Business Finance ( and partnered with Bank of the West to help fund a building acquisition for their operations in San Diego. Biosero expressed gratitude to Merri Adams of the CDC, and Jeremy Wilson with Bank of the West for their effort in conducting the transaction.

The new headquarters houses corporate executive management, R+D and a significantly increased manufacturing capacity to support growth. The facility is located in the center of the life science community in San Diego providing jobs and supporting many biotech companies in the area and throughout the rest of the world.

Tom Gilman, CEO of Biosero commented, “Capital and cash flow are critical to the operational health of Biosero and the mechanism provided by our government to support this is extremely valuable for the life science community in San Diego.”

Biosero is provides flexible and operator friendly automated laboratory workstations driven by their proprietary Green Button Go (GBG) Automation Scheduling software. The company is focused on laboratory automation software & engineering support for the world’s leading scientists, providing them with ability to operate very complex automation platforms and experiments in an operator friendly environment. During the congressman’s visit Mr. Peters was taught how to train and run a robotic platform by Biosero engineers. The congressman tweeted photographs of his visit, which can be viewed on his twitter account:

“We are committed to providing scientists with software that helps simplify complex automation and scientific processes used to accelerate the drug discovery process, and many of our customers are here in San Diego”, commented David Dambman Director of Engineering at Biosero. “Availability of financial programs to support organic growth for local business has been critical to support the local life science ecosystem.

About Biosero: Biosero is the premiere resource for laboratory automation and robotics integration. Developers of Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software and providers of multiple hardware solutions, Biosero delivers and supports completely integrated solutions using any technologies required. Strategic partners and multiple offices allow the company to specialize in all aspects of laboratory automation and provide robust custom WorkCell solutions with global support. For more information please visit:

Contact Information: David Yamane, Marketing and Applications

Phone: 858-880-7376 x 1234


New Address:  9560 Waples Street, San Diego, CA 92121

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