SLAS 2019 Reflections and Recap

On February 2-6, The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2019 held its annual conference in Washington D.C. Biosero has participated in the SLAS exhibition since inception (first show in 2011) and this was by far our most successful to date. The SLAS meeting provides attendees with a unique combination of education, innovative technology, and peer networking. It’s a forum to discover the latest advancements in hardware, software and applications in the life science marketplace.

Laboratory workflows continue to migrate towards complete automation and 24/7 schedules of operation.  Biosero added another component to help laboratories reach their unattended automation goals with the introduction of OMRON’s new mobile robot (LD series) controlled by Biosero’s scheduling software Green Button GoTM (GBG).  OMRON’s mobile robot was integrated with a Cognex camera for vision and a Precise arm for moving labware. The mobile robot carried labware between 2 independently operating workcells. The robot functions in a dynamic work environment, stopping if somebody walks in its path while issuing voice commands. The capability to “adapt” was widely tested at the show with attendees challenging it by standing in its path to test its maneuvering capabilities and hear its beautiful voice.  When paired with Biosero’s Green Button GoTM Automation Scheduling Software(GBG), this robot is unstoppable, well, within reason. Additionally, but not demonstrated, the unit can make calls to an elevator & be used to transport labware, etc. between floors of a building!

OMRON Mobile Robot

SLAS 2019 also marked the launch of the latest release of Green Button GoTM Automation Scheduling Software 2019. The software was used to integrate & schedule a total of 5 workcells in our booth in addition to the mobile robot. GBG 2019 coordinates multiple tasks and schedules the workflows for each workcell. The software has additional new features including the capability to quickly download & access new drivers (cloud based) and an improved simulation mode. Users can now import and export timing data to allow increasingly accurate predictive scheduling. The software also provides the capability to “learn” by incorporating new information after each run and applying the knowledge to maximize efficiency for future use. GBG 2019 now supports Python scripting along with Visual Basic, C# and JavaScript.

We want to thank our partners, Precise Automation, OMRON, Grenova, Covaris, Brooks Life Science, BioTek, Molecular Devices, Keyence, Peak Analysis & Automation (PAA), Thermo Fisher, INHECO, Fritz Gyger, K-Biosystems, Rorze, MagneMotion, Ziath, LiCONiC, and BMG Labtech for the bang up job supplying instruments and expertise.

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