UCSD New Center for Anti-Parasitic Drug Discovery and Development

Biosero teams up with UCSD to ID Treatments for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Neglected tropical diseases affect primarily poor and underserved communities in the developing world and affect more than 1 billion people globally. UC San Diego’s Center for Anti-Parasitic Drug Discovery and Development is an interdisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to developing cures for these diseases. Using their Biosero WorkCell they screen hundreds of thousands of compounds against 10 disease causing parasites in an effort to identify promising drug pre-cursors to develop. Promising pre-cursors are optimized computationally and chemically and further tested in the laboratory and animal models of the diseases. Researchers are successfully working on a compound to treat malaria, potential drugs for Chagas Disease and schistosomiasis, amebiasis and giardiasis. Listen to our webinar by Dr. Siquera-Neto to learn more about the centers work to fight neglected tropical diseases.

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