Young Scientists Take Center Stage for the Biosero Innovation Award

Young Scientists Take Center Stage for the Biosero Innovation Award
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Scientific innovation is alive in the State of California, and nowhere was that more apparent than at the California Science & Engineering Fair. This fair is the official science fair for the State of California and dates back to 1952. Held on April 29-30, the fair is the final science fair of the academic year for students throughout California in grades 6 – 12. Over the years, the purpose of the event has remained the same – to encourage students to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects and celebrate the participants and their mentors. This year there were 947 participants from 404 schools throughout California who presented 801 projects in competition for awards totaling nearly $70,000.

Biosero was honored to support these young scientists by sponsoring the Biosero Innovation Award.  The most innovative project in the fields of robotics, biotech, and automation, received the $500 award.  Prabhakar Henry, a Senior Software Developer from Biosero, represented the company at this event and chose a winner in the Computational Science category for a project involving robotics, machine learning, AI, and vision.
Below is the winning abstract:

Anish Singhani, 11th Grade

Real-Time Freespace Segmentation Using Deep Learning on Autonomous Robots for Detection of Negative Obstacles

“Many small unmanned ground robots are being developed to perform tasks such as delivery, surveillance, household tasks, and many other formerly-human tasks. It is essential to these robots’ core functionality that they are able to navigate difficult terrain, requiring advanced perception capabilities. Although a significant amount of work has been done on the detection of standing obstacles (solid obstructions), almost no work has been done on the detection of negative obstacles such dropoffs, ledges, downward stairs. Detecting these negative obstacles using reliable, cost-effective sensors are crucial for the success of autonomous robots.”

To learn more, visit the California Science & Engineering Fair’s website and to see the full list of winners, visit their Current Awards page.

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