GBG Batch Planner™

Schedule Throughput in the Lab with GBG Batch Planner

GBG Batch Planner is a calendar-based plug-in for Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software that eliminates bottlenecks in the lab and increases the use of your high-value lab equipment. Using GBG Batch Planner, multiple users can plan time-course experiments, schedule batches of plates on readers, imagers and flow cytometers.

The GBG Batch Planner builds a calendar that maps the availability of the workcell so that anyone in the lab can access it to schedule their runs. The result? High-priced equipment no longer sits idle overnight and scientists don’t waste time returning to and checking the equipment's availability.

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Key Benefits:

  • Improve throughput on the workcell
  • Maximize access to essential equipment necessary for multiple, time-course experiments
  • Manage inventory for the scheduled run, processing different batches from storage
  • Schedule long experiments that run for several days
  • Schedule various batches of time-course studies on the same workcell
  • View the queued batches and remaining plates during the run
  • Access instrument availability to schedule maintenance at the most opportune times

GBG Batch Planner™

  • Add and start new batches in a scheduled run
  • Identify and manage timing conflicts between batches
  • Create a new batch with a single click
  • Enter the time and frequency to read the plate, as well as the duration of time-course experiments
  • Foresee when equipment is available for use
  • Identify and resolve conflicts between scheduled batches
  • Read barcodes from a file list or barcodes on a plate to specify which plates to run
  • Assign a unique batch ID for tracking each batch and the method used to process it
  • Display the calendar and indicate when the workcell is available
  • Support multiple users
  • Insert and queue batches from multiple users, while the workcell is still running
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