GBG Dashboard™

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Time is money. Lab time is a lot of money. Whether you’re a scientist, lab manager or executive, getting the most from your lab processes is mission-critical. Your automation must be seamless, optimized and quick to handle errors effectively.

GBG Dashboard™ Software provides comprehensive process oversight visualization. It captures and displays data from events streaming from several sources, workcells and process runs giving you an accessible overview you can use to increase equipment utilization and flag issues. Instead of moving from workcell to workcell to check each PC for run status and data, lab managers can use GBG Dashboard to monitor what is going on inside the lab, from any screen in the lab, or even remotely. 

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Key Benefits:

  • With one glance see real-time data from all workcells
  • Percentage of run complete on each workcell
  • Instrument utilization across several modules 
  • Detailed feedback on up time per unit
  • Workcell and instrument level errors in the event viewer
  • Find bottlenecks or unused capacity
  • Compare completed runs versus failed or canceled runs
  • Make process improvements based on device performance
  • Monitor workcell performance over time
Technical Specifications
  • Works in sync with Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software 2020 release or later
  • PC specifications: Intel Core i5 processor with a minimum of 4MB RAM

GBG Dashboard™

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