Universal Liquid Handler Driver

Fluid Workflow with Any Liquid Handler

Liquid handling in a life science laboratory is central to efficient operations within a workcell and plays a critical part in the ROI for a lab. Used repeatedly and across a variety of tasks in an automated workflow, the liquid handling deck often integrates with several pieces of labware. Therefore, automation software must have a liquid handler driver that is device-agnostic and can support correct loading of various types of labware.  

The Universal Liquid Handler driver for Green Button Go™ Automation Scheduling Software optimizes processes across a variety of liquid handling activities. They work together to set up complex, automated protocols that are easy to run, yet minimize the risk of errors, wasted samples and incomplete or unsuccessful runs.

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Key Benefits:

Quick Implementation of Complex Methods
  • Integrated sequence editor 
  • Flexible deck layout 
  • Configure complex plate movements 
  • Run protocols for liquid handlers using easily defined steps
  • Control all integrated devices, on or off the deck
  • Increase throughput by staging labware on the deck
  • Advanced error handling resolves issues quickly
Fully Customizable to Your Specifications
  • Build a deck in the deck editor to match the liquid handler 
  • Establish the order of plate movement for the protocol
  • Request a specific microplate to enter the deck for cherry-picking
  • Available with scripting and advanced Green Button Go software commands
  • Program conditional statements for making decisions dynamically
  • Supports tracking of labware on the deck 
Automated Execution
  • Set variables within liquid handler software such as sample volumes 
  • Use variables and scripts within Green Button Go software for customized control
  • Run separate instruments mounted on liquid handler deck
  • Control the liquid handler’s gripper to reposition labware 
  • Overcome mobility restrictions of a robotic arm
  • Move the correct plates onto the respective nests at the right time
Seamless Visibility
  • View and access updated deck status at runtime
  • Barcode positions reflected on the overview image of the instrument
  • Map the loading and unloading of the deck
  • Register plate movements on the deck
System Requirements
  • Recommended PC specifications are Intel Core i5 processor with minimum 4GB of RAM
  • Compatible with Green Button Go 2019 and above

Universal Liquid Handler Driver

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