DataPaq – Cube Scanner


The DataPaq Handheld Scanner is an intelligent and fully portable 2D barcode reader for single tubes. With 4 easy-to-use operating modes: Barcode Scanning, Checking Sample Data, Pick Lists and Adding Sample Data, the unit can be used for a full day operation without any need to re-charge the battery. Data can be uploaded and downloaded from any host computer. Cryoprotection is a standard feature in all units.

Specifications and Features

• Camera based 2D barcode scanner
• Can scan all 2D coded tube racks – both SBS and Cryo box formats
• Reliably scans 384 position racks
• Easy-to-change mask allows switch between SBS racks and Cryo boxes
• Ziath’s DataPaq software included
• Patented scanning process

Linear Rack Barcode Scanner

The Cube Scanner is also available with an optional linear/1D barcode scanner for racks of tubes.


The Biosero 2D barcode scanners are also available with a cryoprotective coating which prevents condensation build-up on the underside of the window. Condensation can prevent the scanner from reading the 2D barcodes properly. Therefore, if you will be regularly scanning tubes straight from the freezer, the cryoprotective proofing could be the solution for you. Our method for eliminating condensation uses a special coating on the scanner window, no extra electrical components are required. This increases reliability and significantly decreases the cost. Additionally, some manufacturers use fans to remove the condensation which could unnecessarily speed up the thaw-rate of the precious samples.



BioRead Cube Data Sheet FINAL v5_10Jan17

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