Datapaq Software


2D Barcode Scanning Software

DataPaq™ is the control software for the Biosero range of 2D barcode scanners. The algorithm for decoding the 2D barcodes is custom designed specifically for 2D barcoded tubes. Extensive screens of parameters which must be tweaked to obtain a successful decode are simply not needed.

With attractive user interfaces and a large central “Scan” button, DataPaq™ is easy to use with minimal training requirements.

DataPaq™ displays the results of the scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green), a damaged tube (red) and missing tube (grey).
All tube makes and models are decoded with one setup. DataPaq does not need to be reconfigured for different makes and models of racks.

Features and Specifications

  • One-click calibration
  • One setup to decode all tube makes and models
  • Available export formats: Excel, text, XML
  • Damaged or unreadable barcodes are identified
  • Automatic direct database export
  • Multiple remote control interfaces available: Client/Server, REST, Command Line
  • Sample control code available in Java, C#, and Python
  • Automatic detection for whether a tube is present or not.

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