eSeal – Premium Fully Electrically Operated Sealer


The only new premium electric automated heat sealer on the market. With revolutionary new features including Distance sealing, the distance can be accurately controlled allowing the collar to melt and ensures an accurate and repeatable seal. Offering complete versatility to its users, it is compatible with a wide range of plates and tube racks. By using an accurately controlled melt distance, a defined volume of polymer can be fused to each and every seal with no variation. In trials, this allowed 300,000 plates to be sealed, first and last plate sealing identically. Constant time and pressure have always lead the way in sealing techniques, but with the addition of Distance sealing – heat sealing is being taken to new heights. Other features to note: Auto Loading Seal Function, Foil length can be changed, Full interactive real-time force and seal data, versatile in all application requirements.

Features and Specifications


  • All Electric Operation
    • no need for expensive compressed air for operation
    • Removes the risk of cross contamination inherent in air powered sealers
    • No vacuum used to handle sealing films
  • Two ways of sealing: Distance and Force
    • Only Unique instrument on the market that offers distance sealing and adjustable force/pressure sealing.
    • Both methods can attain great sealing results at lower spec temperatures
    • Lab ware will last longer
  • Tool Free Foil Loading
    • No tool needed to feed seal stock
    • Less than 30 seconds to load
    • Saves on consumables – Less waste created when loading
  • Easy to Operate
    • Touch-screen interface allows fast and easy intuitive manual operation.
    • Fully controllable by GBG and intagratable
    • Can be used manually


Power Supply: 115 VAC / 230VAC 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: 600 Watts Nominal

Fuse Rating: 5 Amp anti-surge (T5AH 250V)

Internal Heaters: 4 x 100 Watts (Sealing Plate)

Dimensions: 218 x 436.5 x 417 (W x H x D )

Weight: 25Kg

Minimum Operating Ambient Temperature: 15oC

Maximum Working Temperature Ambient: 40oC

Minimum Sealing Plate Height: 8mm

Maximum Sealing Plate Height: 46mm

Maximum Sealing Temperature: 200oC

Protection: IP20

Fire Retardency: Plastic Case & Trays ECCEN 6073

System Operation




eSeal Datasheet

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