BioRead – Express Rack Scanner


Express Rack Scanner is a 2D datamatrix tube scanner with an image capture time of only one second. DataPaq™ Express is marginally larger than the SBS rack itself, making it ideal for robotic integration.

Specifications and Features

  • Compatible with 96, 48 and 24-well 2D barcoded tube racks
  • Smallest rack scanner on the market
  • Fast ~1 second image capture time
  • Rapid imaging
  • Footprint ideal for integration
  • Scan all makes of 2d barcoded tubes
  • Export data to Excel, text, XML, images
  • Essential tool for sample tracking
  • Compatible with Windows 7, XP & Vista
  • Simple to install
  • Compact: 85.5 x 184 x 94mm (WxDxH)
  • Free software upgrades for life

Easy Set-Up

The Express Rack Scanner is easy to set-up, with only a few minutes for configuration. After a one-time automatic calibration, the barcode scanner is ready to read all makes of SBS format 2D barcoded tubes.

As the scanner is camera-based, it takes a picture of the barcodes and then decodes, which is significantly quicker than scanner-based 2D barcode readers: just one second!

Our DataPaq™ software makes it simple to export to Excel, XML or text and scanned images can also be saved.

The DataPaq™ software can connect with Oracle, SQL Server,MySQL, Postgres, HSQL and others.

Scanned barcode list

Intelligent Scan Information

The software displays the results of the barcode scan and can identify the difference between a correctly scanned tube (green ring), a damaged tube (red ring) and missing tube (grey ring).

Datapaq rack decode results


The occurrence of condensation whilst scanning tubes straight from cryogenic storage is well known. Cryoprotection™ is a cryoprotective coating that eliminates the occurrence and ensures uninterrupted scanning. As our method for eliminating condensation uses no extra electrical components,reliability is increased and costs are significantly decreased.

With and Without Cryoprotection

Left: WITH Cryoprotection | Right: WITHOUT Cryoportection



BioRead Express Data Sheet Final_10Jan18

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