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Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software is a device-agnostic software that integrates equipment into a cohesive automation ecosystem. Whether you are integrating scientific instruments or automating manufacturing processes, Green Button Go software can automate your equipment to run 24/7, increasing output, in less time, with robust data and in-depth recordkeeping.

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Workflow Design and Modification Made Easy

Creating and modifying the workflow in Green Button Go software is easy, whether you are automating a robot arm with a piece of equipment or building complex work cells within your facility. Select the device driver for the equipment you want to automate from the cloud-based driver library. Using the drag-and-drop user interface, position the instruments where you want them in the process.

Avoid the headache and the cost of purchasing different software for every device you add to your workflow. More than 300 device drivers are compatible with Green Button Go software. If we don't have the device driver you need, we’ll develop it for you! You choose the best equipment for your workflow, now or in the future, never restrained by the limits of your software.

A true plug-and-play system, the Green Button Go system controls and automates a variety of equipment: robotic arms, scanners, liquid handlers, washers and readers for scientific and research labs or robots, cameras, communication protocols and 3D printers in the industrial setting.

Automation Simulation Eliminates Guesswork

Once you have designed your workflow in the Green Button Go interface, you can run virtual simulations and time tests without using instruments to ensure the workflow set up will meet throughput expectations.

Schedule and Walk Away

Tired of watching your workflows every minute to make sure they are running smoothly? Now, you can schedule instrument usage and walk away while Green Button Go coordinates all the work. You can access workflows remotely from the software, and stream data in real-time around the clock.

Dynamic Scheduling or Static Scheduling: Your Choice!

Green Button Go software employs powerful scheduling algorithms that can be deployed in a static or dynamic strategy. Dynamic scheduling will smartly optimize timing and resource utilization to execute workflow processes more effectively.  If you prefer, you can run in Static mode to control timing in a robust, linear approach. In fact, you can blend both depending on the requirements of your process and equipment.

Error Recovery Saves Precious Resources

In the past, runtime errors left no other option than to abort the run. Green Button Go empowers you to pause a run to modify the method, fix a hardware issue, or replace the device, calibrate and continue with the same run. This will save you hours of lost time and funds in lost reagents and consumables.

Automate high-volume processes across workcells with GBG Order Manager

  • Generate, monitor and report on orders
  • Dynamic ordering
  • Activate process cycles to design, build, test, analyze and learn
  • Schedule orders to maximize equipment utilization
  • Data hosted in the cloud or on premises

Inventory management and automated procurement of labware, reagents, compounds and other resources can easily be integrated with Green Button Go

  • Barcode tracking of inventory
  • Inventory tracking
  • Audit trail by component

Plug-in Coming Soon!

  • Integrates with third-party Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Connects with Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)
  • Automated sample and query accessioning
  • Event streaming and storage

Easily create new workflows and order templates with GBG Workflow Designer

  • Streamline highly-complex workflows
  • Establish reusable templates to drive repeatable and reliable results
  • Maximize the capacity of distributed instruments and workflows

Inform your discovery and make better decisions with GBG Dashboard

  • Analyze live analytics and business intelligence data
  • Manage distributed workcells and instruments

GBG Transportation Manager moves labware between workcells, instruments and people

  • Commands robots, track and conveyer systems
  • Controls autonomous ground vehicles (AGVs) to move from point-to-point

Plug-in Coming Soon!

  • Upholds secure communication between equipment and the Internet (IoT broker)
  • Integrate third party workcells
  • Custom module agents
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