Microplate Seals – Thermal Application


Thermal Microplate Seals

Choosing the right seal for your application is one of the most important ways of preventing sample loss or contamination. Our line of heat seals are used to maintain sample integrity in laboratories worldwide, many of which have unique applications and specific requirements.

Heat sealing has become the preferred method of sealing Microplates because it creates an airtight and chemically-resistant seal without the complications of using adhesives for the application. Sealing the wells protects the contents form evaporation, condensation, oxidation and cross-contamination during transport or storage. Biosero has a comprehensive range of high performance heat sealing Microplate films and foils to meet the needs of the life science laboratory. These are available in individual sheets (LabSheets) or rolls (LabRolls) for low, medium and high throughput applications.

Seal Selection Guide

After extensive testing, Biosero’s applications specialists have compiled the data to better help you choose the optimal seal for your application. If you have any questions about choosing the right solution, please contact us for more information.

Thermal Plate-Seal Selection Guide

Benefits of Heat Seals

  • High degree of reliability for automated sealers
  • No exposed adhesive
  • The underside of the seal is non-tacky at room temperature – reduces the risk of contamination
  • No adhesion of dry samples to the film
  • Cost effective – on average 25% cheaper than corresponding adhesives
  • Wide range of available heat seals

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