K Pierce – Automated Microplate Seal Piercer


The K-Pierce offers a fast and effective solution for piercing presealed microplates. The sealed plate is placed on a shuttle, allowing full access with a robotic arm. The shuttle is drawn into the unit automatically and the plate is pierced. The shuttle then slides out, presenting the plate in its original position. The piercer, as part of a fully automated plate handling system, is governed by a micro-controller.

The piercer incorporates a selectable wash/dry cycle to maintain cleanliness of the piercing head. To keep the size and weight to a minimum, the unit uses laboratory compressed air. All parameters such as piercing depth, wash cycle and dry time are fully adjustable.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy change pressure pierce heads for different film types requirements
  • Plate holders supplied for different plate types support requirements due to top surface pressure
  • Pierce time from 4 plates per minute
  • 96 or 384 heads available
  • Touch panel display
  • Screen or foot pedal manual operation
  • Dimensions 595 mm W x 525 mm D x 450 mm H
  • System only 25kgs (52lbs)
  • Stacker Compatible with KBiosystems Scorpion stacker for increased throughput
  • OEM Stacker compatible call for information
  • Integrator Friendly
  • 110/220 vac power compatible

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