KAPS 500 – Adhesive Microplate Sealer


The KAPS-500 is a reliable instrument allowing ease of use and flexibility for manual use or robotic integration. The KAPS-500 is a reliable and robust microplate sealer with variable roller sealing pressure ensuring a consistent seal with minimal user intervention. Integrator friendly, the KAPS-500 uses a RS232 interface and is capable of up to 300 plates per hour. The sealer’s flexibility enables cross application use of the instrument to include PCR, qPCR, rtPCR and crystallography as well as several others. Suitable for all seal types including breathable, pierceable, optically clear and all other adhesion based seals.

Features and Specifications

  • Desktop Automated Cold/Adhesive Plate Sealing Systems
  • Seal SBS format micro well plates
  • Seal plate height with adjustment from 9 to 48mm
  • Variable sealing pressure
  • Variable sealing speed
  • Easy change pressure rollers for different film types requirements
  • Plate holders supplied for different plate types support requirements due to top surface pressure
  • Seal time from 4 plates per minute
  • Foil low sensing
  • Touch panel display
  • Screen or foot pedal manual operation
  • System only 25kgs (52lbs)
  • Stacker Compatible with KBiosystems Scorpion stacker for increased throughput
  • OEM Stacker compatible call for information
  • Integrator Friendly
  • 110/220 vac power compatible
  • Power Supply: 110/220 VAC Power Compatible



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