KiNEDx Robotic Arm – 4-Axis Laboratory Automation Robot


KiNEDx Robotic Arm

The KiNEDx Robot is a four-axis cylindrical-coordinate manipulator with unsurpassed reliability and a field-proven design. The innovative tri-link arm is ultra-compact and clears peripheral equipment with ease.

All controls are embedded within this robot and a single serial cable connects to the user PC. Paired with Biosero’s Green Button Go Scheduling Software allows for seamless integration into any size lab environment.

Safety overload protection is built into both the robot‘s base and the wrist for dependable protection against damage if there is a collision. Power is a safe 24 VDC and the robot consumes less than 150 watts at maximum output.


Design Developed in conjunction with Amgen specifically for handling microplates in laboratory environments
Adaptability With a 2kg payload and available customized grippers, the applications for this robot are limitless to include handling plates, tubes, wafers, etc.
Connectivity RS-232 serial or USB with adapter
Technology Extremely reliable smart-motor technology with internal daisy-chained motor-to-motor communication.
Construction All CNC-machined aircraft aluminum with industrial solvent-resistant exterior coatings.
Safety Built-in safety overload release mechanisms in Shoulder and Wrist with low 24 VDC in-line power supply.
Options Linear rail extension, barcode scanner, numerous gripper configurations, plus 0ºC, 40ºC, and high-humidity environments.


Max Payload 2 kg (4.4 lb) w/Rigid Safety Release
Radial Reach 422mm (16.6”)
Radial Travel, R 300mm (11.8 in)
Vertical Travel Choices, Z 250mm (9.8 in)
470mm (18.5 in)
660mm (26 in)
Base Rotation,  324°
Wrist Rotation, W 330°
Arm Extend (+/-)
Vertical (+/-)
0.10mm (.004”)
0.03mm (.001”)
Digital I/O 9 Inputs, 2 Outputs
Weight 17 kg (38 Lb)
Power 24 VDC, 6A In-Line, 100-250 VAC
Environment 12° to 37° C (54° to 100° F)
0° C (32° F) Option
Compliance CE & FCC

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