E-Pierce – Semi-Automated Electric Microplate Seal Piercer


The Mini K-Pierce is the semi-automated desktop solutions for labs that don’t require the same throughput as the fully automated version. The piercer incorporates a selectable wash/dry cycle to maintain cleanliness of the piercing head. Unlike the K-Pierce, the Mini K-Pierce does not require compressed air. All parameters such as piercing depth, wash cycle and dry time are fully adjustable.

Features and Specifications

  • Easy change pressure pierce heads for different film types requirements
  • Plate holders supplied for different plate types support requirements due to top surface pressure
  • Pierce time from 4 plates per minute
  • 96 or 384 heads available
  • Touch panel display
  • Screen or foot pedal manual operation
  • Dimensions 595 mm W x 525 mm D x 450 mm H
  • System only 25kgs (52lbs)
  • 110/220 vac power compatible

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