Precise Flex – Sample Handling Robotic Arm


Precise Flex Bench-top Automation Robotic Arm

The Precise Flex is an autosampler developed specifically for bench-top applications where price, ease-of-use, space requirements and safety are critical. This product is available in a four axis configuration with a servo plate gripper for handling laboratory plates from stacks and hotels or in a three axis configuration with a servo tube gripper for handling cylinder shaped samples from a sample rack. These servo grippers permit the Precise Flex to pick up a wide variety of different size samples without using expensive and complicated tool changers. In addition, with servo motors on all of the axes including the gripper, the Precise Flex provides facilities for collision/drop detection and squeeze force control not found in other autosamplers.


General Specifications Range & Features
J1 (Z) Axis 400 mm standard, 750 mm option available
J2 Axis +/- 90 degrees
J3 Axis +/- 167 degrees
J4/Theta Axis +/- 970 degrees
Gripper Standard servo gripper can grip Life Science plates in both portrait and landscape orientations. Software can control squeeze force (between approximately 0-23N for close force, 0-10N for open force) and open/close speed.
Safety features include:(1) protection against dropping plates when sample handler is powered down or e-stop pressed (gripper provides 7-10N of close force when motor power is off) and (2) detection of when a plate is being held by the gripper. Options include gripper fingers and special servo grippers for handling vials and test tubes.
Maximum Reach Standard Reach Version: 576 mm
Extended Reach Version: 731 mm
Repeatability +/- 90 μm overall in x, y & z directions at 18-22 degrees C

Performance & Payload

Maximum Acceleration 0.2G with 500 gm payload (standard reach, extended reach slightly slower)
Maximum Speed 500 mm/sec with 500 gm payload (standard reach, extended reach slightly slower)
Maximum Payload 1kg including gripper, 0.5kg with typical 0.5kg gripper
Motors Brushless DC servo motors with absolute encoders on axes J1-J4, no motion during homing


General Communications RS-232 channel, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, E-stop input, all available on J1-Axis housing Facilities Panel at the robot base
Digital I/O Channels One optically isolated input available on J1-Axis housing Facilities Panel. Option available for an additional 12 optically isolated digital inputs and 8 optically isolated digital outputs on J1-Axis housing Facilities Panel. Two digital inputs can be optionally converted to analog inputs. Additional remote I/O available via Precise RIO modules or 3rd party MODBUS/TCP devices
Operator Interface Web based operator interface supports local or remote control via browser connected to embedded web server
Programming Interface Three methods available: DIO MotionBlocks (PLC), embedded Guidance Programming Language (standalone, modeled after
Visual Basic.Net), PC control using open source TCP/IP Command Server operated via Ethernet connection (TCP).

Linear Rail Option

Configurations Any model of the Sample Handler can be mounted on the Linear Rail with all of the robot’s interfacing cables routed internally in the Rail.
Repeatability +/- 50 μm
Maximum Speed 700 mm/sec
Dimensions 1 M travel version – 1.37 m long x 0.23 m deep x 0.12 m high
1.5 M travel version – 1.87 m long x 0.23 m deep x 0.12 m high
2 M travel version – 2.37 m long x 0.23 m deep x 0.12 m high

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