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Decreasing Human Error in Sample Management

Samples is a sample management software to help keep your samples organized. Samples will streamline your workflow by providing an organized storage system to track and maintain your samples.

All information you enter into Samples can be searched using the Samples search panel. Sample information can be imported or exported and shared with colleagues.

Samples integrates with Ziath’s DataPaq™ 2D datamatrix barcode scanners, allowing for high speed scanning of sample racks. The Samples application can directly control the scanner and import the result of the scan into Samples. Additional storage information can also be added to the import.

Samples also imports the data read from a DataPaq™ Linear Barcode reader.

Tracking of Samples

Once imported, further sample details can be added for each sample, including Box, Shelf, Freezer / Incubator, Room and Building.

During a scan, if Samples identifies a barcode that already exists in its database, it will prompt the user to verify they wish to move the sample to the new location, therefore maintaining an up-to-date location and effective sample management.

Laboratory Sample Tracking

Sample storage details can be added

Rack View

Rack View shows a graphical representation of a single plate scan. Clicking and dragging the mouse over the plate to “rubber-band” the samples allows editing of a group of samples. The image (right) shows the selected group of samples color-coded red, in just a couple of clicks.

Samples Rack View

Rack View enables easy editing of samples

Custom Tracking Tags

Samples provides for standard storage information. However, this set of information may be inadequate for all users and customized tracking tags might be required.

Clicking on “Tracking Tags” in the menu bar launches a new window where the customized tracking tags can be added. The tag can be either a text field or a date-time field.

Once a new Tracking Tag has been added, it will automatically appear in the “Add Sample” window for future scans.

Samples - Custom Tracking Tags

Custom Tracking tags are a useful tool and easy to add



Samples Datasheet

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