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Notable Labs is a start-up that uses AI to predict effective cancer treatments for patients. The company screens a vast number of combinations of FDA-approved drugs against a cancer patient’s cells to identify combinations that have improved efficacy in vitro and can be immediately prescribed by their doctor without a clinical trial.

Green Button Go AutomationSchedule Software allows Notable Labs to efficiently screen more drugs and drug combinations on fewer cells than before. Using Green Button Go, Notable Labs can gather and probe larger datasets to glean clinically relevant insights foreach patient.

The foundation of the process is NotableLabs’ proprietary Lab Information Management System (LIMS). Its’ LIMS manages the process at a high level and triggers Green Button Go to carry outpatient-specific protocols on the workcell.

Green Button Go software integrates and automates the elements of the lab’s workcell, which includes dispensers, plate readers and a flow cytometer. Notable Labs chose Green Button Go software to manage the automation because of the software’s broad instrument driver set and scheduling flexibility. For this workcell, Biosero created a new driver to support the flow cytometer.

Automated by Green Button Go, Notable Labs achieves high-throughput personalized testing. The workcell process takes approximately 5 to 8 minutes per 384-well plate. This makes it possible to process up to 75,000 independent wells, or up to 25,000 different combinations of compounds tested per day (in triplicate).

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