Webinar | Identifying Synergistic Cancer Therapies By Cellular Screening

July 27, 2017

Automation of Cellular Combination Screening to Identify Novel Cancer Therapies, H. Woodcock, Vertex Pharmaceuticals (Europe) Limited

Combination therapies are emerging as a superior treatment option for cancer, HIV and other diseases. Since these diseases are highly complex, combining two or more drugs can target different aspects of the disease for increased patient benefit over traditional monotherapy. Increasingly, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are systematically screening combinations of compounds to identify superior treatments for complex diseases. The webinar features Harry Woodcock of Vertex Pharmaceuticals presenting the challenges associated with screening compound combinations and how an automated workflow addressed them.

You Will Learn:

  • Data analysis strategies to measure the effect of compound combinations
  • How automation addressed the challenges of compound combination screens
  • How automation reduced plate analysis time, compound usage, and increased throughput


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