Webinar | Getting Your Sample Management Under Control

October 26, 2017

Getting Your Sample Management Under Control, D. Anstee, Ziath, Ltd.

Sample management is an essential part of any high-performance quality management system and serves as the foundation for accurate, reproducible, and reliable data.  Managing a sample inventory is difficult due to legacy samples, handwritten labels, damaged barcodes, and other related issues.  By using a combination of 2D data matrix barcoded tubes and a data record system, you can streamline your sample management process.   This webinar features a presentation from D. Anstee about the challenges and solutions associated with sample management.

You Will Learn:

  • The five key elements that a database record system should provide
  • How sample records are stored and what information you need to save
  • How retrieval rates influence the way you store samples
  • Advantages of various labeling technologies, 2D coded tubes and rack/box scanners

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