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Biosero’s vision is to impact the world by integrating people and automation technologies.

Our mission is to provide software that enables everyone to use automation successfully and with ease. We believe the integration of automation software with advanced analytics will produce superior results in an evolving world.

We develop software that enables people and technology to make complex decisions in less time, using more data and information. Our accomplished team members from multiple technology sectors collaborate to create the best integrated solutions, while remaining agnostic to the individual manufacturers. This provides our customers with future-proof platforms that use best-in-class components in an environment where technology is constantly evolving.

Company Overview

Biosero, Inc. develops automation software solutions that enables its customers to make better decisions with data and advanced analytics. The company’s flagship automation software Green Button Go, enables complex data-driven decisions to be made instantaneously, keeping workflows and operations in life science, pharmaceutical and industrial manufacturing moving. It is device-agnostic and integrates hardware solutions from different OEMs to create cohesive technology ecosystems that accelerate operations and increase productivity.

Biosero was founded in 2003 and is a privately-owned company based in San Diego, California, with offices in prominent regions around the world. The company is led by a leadership team with more than 150 years of collective experience in the life science and industrial markets.

Leadership Team

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Our Why

In 2018 we created The Why Project at Biosero. The idea started with a discussion about “WHY.” Why do we do our work? Why do we work at Biosero? Biosero team members shared their “WHY” statements with each other and it became clear that their work at Biosero has more profound meaning to them personally than just earning a paycheck.

As employees shared their WHY statements, there was a commonality. They are proud to be part of a company that accelerates research that delivers cures. We take pride knowing that our customers have launched pharmaceuticals that cure Hepatitis C, reduce pain without addictive side effects or save the lives of cancer patients - this is our WHY and what drives us at Biosero. The team at Biosero knows our efforts impact the speed of drug discovery. We make a difference!

Read about our latest "Why" Projects on our blog.

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